It was Easter Sunday last year when on the way to church, we saw a little grey thing moving in the woods miles from the house on the way off the farm. A quivering, drenched, whining puppy! About 5 weeks old, this pup had been dumped there by some unhealthy jerk who decided that the rainy woods with coyotes, copperheads, alligators, bobcats, foxes, and rattlesnakes was the right place to “get rid of it”. Enter Lucky … the latest member of our family.


And so his life with us started. Now called, “The Duck” by all (from Lucky, to Lucky Duck, to Ducky, to Duck, to….”hey, has anyone fed the Duck? or “is the Duck in or out?“), he’s had his fair share of ummm, reality checks.


Here’s an album that’ll show you, without a doubt, that this dog has lived up to his name time and time again. We’ll call it a year in the life of ONE Seriously Lucky Dog!


Day 1  Easter Sunday at the breakfast table after church.

Day 1 Easter Sunday at the breakfast table after church. Hours after finding him, he’s in a dining room chair. Mom was beside herself, but c’mon!


Day 2…



Here’s where the vet said he looked to be about 5 weeks old…and would have died if he’d spent another night out there.

IMG_3500 IMG_3501


Week 2. Getting to know the family.



Days into it,  he’s joined the forces with the youth on the place.

IMG_3498 IMG_3499

About a month in…


I know, it’s gratuitous.
OK then, fine. NEITHER is cute. But they are seatbelted in.


Really settling in.



I mean, seriously?

I mean, seriously?

Ah, yes. They always say that if you get too comfortable somewhere, you tend to stop looking out for yourself. Watch out…

It started with a broken tail. No picture — only a whining whimpering dog. We have positively no idea what happened. We couldn’t find him one evening, and then he appeared at the door at around 10PM with a broken tail.  It fixed itself.



The fishing lure incident.

The fishing lure incident.

Not one, but TWO treble hooks embedded into the gums (top and bottom) and interior cheeks. Amazingly, with a little help from the Leatherman, we had a free dog again.

Smiling again. Feeling Lucky.

Smiling again. Completely oblivious about being “Lucky”.




The snakebite incident.

The snakebite incident(s).


Ultimately, there would be three, yes THREE Copperhead snake bites for Lucky this year.


But life goes on. We built duck blinds, with Lucky’s help.


IMG_5163 IMG_5155

I made a wreath for the barn using palmetto fronds — with Lucky’s help.


A lot of help the other two were. Look at Peat in the distance.

A lot of help the other two were. Look at Peat in the distance.


I worked endless hours on the website — with Lucky’s help. In this case I was doing a little research…


IMG_4800 IMG_4808


And then school started. Here’s where Lucky began, perhaps, to feel a little… unlucky. With discipline comes drool, I’ve learned on the dog front.


As a little guy.

As a little guy.

And then a little bigger.

And then a little bigger.


Nowadays, Lucky is pretty well everywhere we are on the farm. Life’s certainly been enhanced thanks to The Duck joining the party.



And the party takes it’s fair share of energy.



Given your first year with us, who could even imagine what’ll come next year. Get more rest, kid. Somehow I know you’ll need it.



One year old and you’re already an old soul. We’re lucky you were dropped here.

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