Sarah on Family

For so many of us, family is often all-consuming – complete with ups, downs and even those days you’d consider leaving altogether (for the day). But you don’t, and you won’t. Because some of the greatest joys come from raising a family, being a part of a family, and being able to say yours is not quite as bad (or is as bad) as the Kardashians.


Because my brothers and I grew up together at Alligator Hall, sometimes the line between family and place gets pretty blurry.  I guess the place is family too.  Of the group it behaves by far the best.


Still, for the call from a brother at 6AM – just to talk, a butterfly kiss from my 6-year old, holding my 88-year-old mother’s hand, and the annoying practical joke by the teenage cousins, I’ll always be grateful. It’s what family is all about.